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Angel's Custom Gifts

Blue Paw Dog Collar

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Introducing our stylish and functional Dog Collar, a must-have accessory for your beloved furry friend. This collar is designed with care, featuring a vibrant blue color adorned with adorable paw prints, adding a touch of charm and playfulness to your dog's everyday look.

Available in three sizes, our Dog Collar ensures a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. The small size measures 18 inches, the medium size measures 21 inches, and the large size measures 24 inches, providing options to accommodate the needs of different breeds and body types.

Crafted with durability in mind, our Dog Collar is made from high-quality materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The sturdy construction ensures that your dog can enjoy their adventures with comfort and security.

The adjustable buckle allows for easy and secure fastening, ensuring a snug fit while allowing room for adjustment as your dog grows or if they need a looser or tighter fit.

Not only is our Dog Collar stylish and practical, but it also prioritizes the safety of your furry friend. The sturdy D-ring provides a secure attachment point for leashes, making walks and outings hassle-free and secure.

Give your dog the gift of style, comfort, and safety with our vibrant blue Dog Collar. Let them strut their stuff with confidence while showcasing their unique personality and love for paw prints.

Order now and choose the perfect size for your furry friend. Our Dog Collar will become an essential accessory that combines style, functionality, and durability for a happier and more fashionable experience for both you and your beloved dog.