Three Desert Pitties pitbulls sitting on the couch

Introduction to Desert Pitties

Why give natural food & medicine to help my dog stay healthy? 

If you are like my family and me, we are always looking for some of the best recipes for treats, food, and all things natural pet health. We have researched and tried so many things and yet nothing is all in one location to help us keep track of what our favorite things are to help heal our pets. 

This will be a monthly blog to give insight into some of the best recipes and natural remedies that we have found in all of our research for our pets' lifestyles. Please know that these items are not to replace advice given by your veterinarian and they are items that have helped our fur-babies live a healthy life. We are so excited to be able to share this with all of you and to grow with each of you.

Feel free to reach out via email at if you find any great items we can add, and you can be featured in our next blog post! 

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