Dog Parks - Safe or No Way?

Dog Parks - Safe or No Way?

I know that several people enjoy taking their pups to dog parks in and around the area to give them time to socialize and run around. Personally, I do not like dog parks due to the fact that they are a recipe for disaster in my opinion. Pup parents let their dogs run off leash when they are not under their voice control and have not fully trained their pups to listen and play nice, but those that are well-behaved it is a great place to go to run off some energy when they don't have the space in the yard to do-so. 

For those parents that like to take their fur-babies to the park, please do so responsibly. Remember that we are all there for the same reasons and don't want accidents to happen.

There is a dog park that is super popular in Maricopa, AZ called Copper Sky Dog Park. This park is known for having two separate spots for your pups to run and play. They have a special side for shy and smaller dogs and another side for the more rambunctious four-legged babies. They have included doggie water fountains for your pups so they can stay hydrated on the hot Arizona summers along with shade trees to help with that desert sun beating down. They are open at 7am daily until 11pm in the evening. Be sure to keep your pups safe during these times by bringing them during cooler parts of the day such as first thing in the morning to run off some energy before you go to work or after dinner at night.

In summary, remember if you are going to take your four-legged fur-babies to a dog park, research and pick times that work for you and your pups' personalities. If you have a dog like Deimos, anxious and nervous, a dog park is not your place to be. If you have a dog like Eris or Galene, fun-loving and more sociable then by all means enjoy the time with your pups safely and always, always, always watch your pups while at the park just as you would your two-legged children. 

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